Gen Con 2015

Gen Con 2015 Hype!

Hello ladies and gentlemen, it’s a week before Gen Con 2015 and I have to say, I am super excited. I was lucky enough to go last year for the first time and even luckier to go this year. So, I am writing for you today a list of the top 5 things I’m looking […]

Strife: Legacy of the Eternals Review

Strife: legacy of the Eternals is a two-player card game that was recently released (via kickstarter) by V3G and designer Christopher Hamm. The game features identical sets of cards for each player, so a victory means you really did out play your opponent and didn’t win by the luck of the draw. Anyone who is […]

What makes me want to buy a game?

Hi all, today I bring you another discussion (ramble)!, While I was looking over some new games recently and was very tempted to make some new purchases. Unfortunately for me, but fortunately for my wallet, I have yet to complete my 10 x 10 challenge (see my previous post about “getting more out of your […]

Geister, Geister, Schatzuchmeister Review

Geister, Geister, Schatzsuchmeister! is the 2014 Kinderspiele des Jahres (Children’s game of the year) winner from designer Brian Yu and is an excellent game for 2-4 players. It is great for teaching children teamwork, turn taking, and other essential social skills. The game also features an advanced version that makes the game entertaining for all […]

Diamonds Review

Diamonds is a card game that feels familiar but new at the same time. The game takes the simple idea of trick taking and distills that down to a quick game which gets you into the fun right away. Scoring is simple and fast, allowing even younger children to start planning plays and strategizing. Designer […]

Getting More Out of Your Games

Hi all!   I come to you today to talk about something a lot of board game enthusiasts deal with but don’t often talk about. It’s a problem that is joked about, mocked, and even belittled but often times it can be a serious problem. Today I’ll be talking about “Board Game Acquisition Disorder” or […]

Wits and Wagers

Wits & Wagers / Wits & Wagers Party Edition Review

Wits & Wagers and its Party Edition are both great games to add to your collection. The game is fast paced, light-hearted, and fun. Wits & Wagers is much more focused on Wagers than it is Wits, making the game so much more accessible and a lot more fun for everyone. This has been a […]