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Wits & Wagers

Wits & Wagers and its Party Edition are both great games to add to your collection. The game is fast paced, light-hearted, and fun. Wits & Wagers is much more focused on Wagers than it is Wits, making the game so much more accessible and a lot more fun for everyone. This has been a frequent traveling companion of mine during the holidays when I know large groups of family will be present. Anyone who is looking for a great trivia game, or even just a light party game that is fun for the family, should be sure to check these out!

Wits & Wagers is a family friendly trivia game for 4 or more players and plays great with ages 10+. Players (or teams) take turns reading trivia questions, all of which have numeric answers. Players/teams answer the questions in secret with their whiteboard and dry erase markers, then all answers are revealed simultaneously. After sorting out the answers on the fancy felt mat that comes with the game, players bet on the answer they think is closest without going over, also paying attention to the varied payouts of the answers. Answers further away from the “average” will payout more. The question’s answer is revealed and players betting on the winning answer are payed the appropriate amount of chips. Lather, rinse, and repeat until 7 questions have been read and count up your chips. He/she/they with the most chips is/are declared the winner!

Wits & Wagers is unlike any other trivia game you have played before. Where most trivia games still employ the vestigal roll and move (I’m looking at you Trivial Pursuit), this game does away with that. The game goes by quickly, especially if you make use of the 30-second sand timer included with the game. This allows party-goers to play a game, or two, and not feel like they’re committing to a 1-2 hour ordeal. Part of what makes this game so fun is the fact that you can win without knowing a lot of trivia. You just need to know who to bet on. This means that anyone from your 10-year old child to Grandma can play this game, have fun, and even have a shot at winning. The only negative I really have about this game is that if you play it a lot, the questions might become familiar. The game comes with 152 questions out of the box (that’s approximately 21.7 games) with 200+ more questions in each of the other editions if you need more trivia. Nothing says you can’t come up with your own questions either, as long as they have numeric answers (years are OK, too)!

Party Edition

Wits & Wagers Party Edition

Wits & Wagers Party Edition is another edition of Wits & Wagers and is a great game in its own right. The Party edition takes the same idea as the original Wits & Wagers but simplifies it a bit. The questions are similar but there are new questions that are less trivia-gamey (e.x. How many American adults ________ in the past year according to a 2011 survey), making the guessing and betting a little more exciting. The betting is handled a little differently as well, doing away with the different payout amounts based on the position of the answer in favor of a simpler method. This makes the game easier for younger kids to participate but still get some of the fun of winning a bet. But my favorite part of the Party Edition of Wits & Wagers is the inclusion of dry-erase markers with erasers on the tips. I have gone through many a facial tissue cleaning the boards of the original Wits & Wagers. The eraser equipped markers are a blessing. Personally, I would stick to the original for an initial purchase and buy the party edition if I wanted more questions or a less complicated betting mechanism (I really like the varied payouts of the original, but it can sometimes confuse younger children).

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